Steps To Get Rid Of Search Secretly Quickly From PC

Steps To Get Rid Of Search Secretly Quickly From PC
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Search Secretly is a Potential Unwanted Program presented by Visicom Media Inc and it is published as a free to use browser helper object that you can add to your web browser like Google Chrome. The Search Secretly unwanted program is advertised to help users search anonymously without being tracked by companies such as Yahoo, Google and, Bing from Microsoft. Once user install the Search Secretly this tool, it adds an icon to your tool set in the top right corner of the web browser and ask for several authorizations like Communicate with cooperating websites, Read and change all your data on the web sites that you visit, Change your search settings to, Communicate with cooperating native applications.

Once you click on this icon of this malware Search Secretly, you are presented with lots of pop-up window that features a text box and allows you to initiate a search with Google and Yahoo. As said above and at, the Search Secretly tool is centered around the idea to provide online users with an untraceable search. When you enter your search terms in the Search Secretly pop-up and choose Yahoo or Google, the extension opens an incognito browsing window that loads results on Yahoo or Google. The Search Secretly pop-up insert a link to the settings panel and opens the clear browsing data dialog, which you may use to erase information like your download history, Internet history, Cookies, auto-fill form data, Passwords, Hosted application data and media licenses.

The unwanted program like Search Secretly claims to offer its user a secure connection and a private connection to yahoo and Google, but Visicom Media Inc. claims credit for services provided by Yahoo and Google for free. Browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others connect to Google and Yahoo through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) automatically, which is a technology that Visicom Media Inc. does not hold the patent to. The nasty tool does not protect your search operation and your privacy simply by giving you the option to eliminate your browsing data and opening the incognito browsing mode of your web client. Even though Visicom Media Inc. promotes the Search Secretly using and misleading information that is found to send the search terms to Yahoo regardless of you using the Search Secretly pop-up window. Experts advised it is harmful application that cause more once you download and use it. So remove it from your system and make PC clean.

Search Secretly Is Such A Damaging Cyber Threat

After invasion it make some possible changes with browser settings in order to display end-less ads on browser and all that pages you visit. As result victim affected with this Search Secretly potential unwanted program fed up completely by receiving pop-up ads that not only hamper their online activities but also make hard to surf Internet properly. Like other advertising program it will also claims to provide useful features that help to improve searching experience but in reality it will never give you any kind of benefit as it says in fact its presence will not only hamper your online operations by displaying tons of ads that will definitely redirects you to unwanted or malicious web pages but also it may perform numerous harmful operations that may reach your computer at risk.

Remove Search Secretly From Mozilla Firefox Browser

Step 1 – Open Mozilla Firefox Browser in your System.

Step 2 – Click on the “Firefox” Button from Top left corner of the Browser.

Step 3 – Click on “Add ons“ Button

Step 4 – Click on “Extension” Tab button.

Step 5 – Select the Add-ons you like to Remove.

Step 6 – Click On the Center Whom you want to Remove. This will help to understand easier to locate and see exactly which button you need to click. Use buttons appropriately based on what you want to every time.

Step 7 – Click on Disable button

Step 8 – Wait and watch add-ons to be disabled.

Step 9 – Click on “Remove” Button, be confirm the item you are removing has been per-installed while installation of Mozilla or a removal tool.

Step 10 – Wait for the Mozilla Firefox to remove the “Search Secretly” add-ons. It will ask you to Restart browser after completion of steps. You follow these steps for each add-ons removal.

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