Easily Remove [email protected] And Decrypt Your Files

Joker_lucker@aol.com.wallet ransomware

Today, Ransomware has proven the most scary threat and [email protected] is not different from a common ransomware. The low recovery chance of encrypted file has make this ransomware top in the list of deadly file encrypting threat. This nasty ransomware is reported to be the variant of infamous Dharma ransomware which has put many PC user in trouble. Like other encrypting virus, this ransomware is also designed so that it scan the folder of victim computer and distort files found in them. In order to lock files securely on the targeted system it applies the combination of AES and RSA encryption method. Once it accomplish the encryption then it is almost impossible to open the files and the worst part is that the encoded file cannot be accessed with the help of decryption key. The decryption tool is created by criminals which is stored on Command & Control servers.


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