Quick Guide To Eliminate www.better-search.net

www.better-search.net is a malicious browser hijacker promoted via free downloads. It remains active to collect your search terms from search queries and displays sponsored links and advertisements instead of exact results. It is used for the purpose of boosting advertising revenue used in the blackhat SEO so as to increase a site’s page ranking in search results. www.better-search.net is not exactly a virus but it possess all the traits of a virus. It exhibits rootkit abilities to hook deep down in the operating system.


Generally, it is also termed as potentially unwanted program (PUP) which interferes with the user experience. This browser hijacker is an ad-supported in which user may face search pop-ups , pop-under, additional banner and in-text link advertisements across web browser. It is a plug-in for Internet Explorer, for Firefox and for Chrome that is distributed through various monetization platform at the time of installation. It includes various features and can make changes to custom and default settings of the web browsers which can be a changed home page, search settings and modified results. In some cases, it may alter Explorer’s threshold loading time.


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