Terminate zodiac-game.info|Get Rid of Unwanted Online Ads|100% Working Guide

Terminate zodiac-game.info|Get Rid of Unwanted Online Ads|100% Working Guide
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About zodiac-game.info

zodiac-game.info is identified as a browser hijacker, designed by malicious hackers. It look like a platform where malicious games, software and other products are being promoted. The hijacker obtain access to your PC mostly from freeware and compromised websites. Once it gets installed on your PC, it takes control over your default web browser and display a bunches of online advertisements as pop up, banners, message box and hyper linked text as well. The hijacker won’t replace your default search engine but redirect your browser’s homepage and newtab to malicious web pages randomly. Those compromised web pages may display spoofed system security alerts or warning and suggest you to purchase and install harmful software or toolbars.


At first, all of them claim to be very useful to protect your system. But in reality, they always try to take advantages of your casualties. Some of them may either try to steal your confidential informations or record your private moments on the command of attackers. Hence, we suggest you to read this article and remove zodiac-game.info completely from your system.

Why should your get rid of zodiac-game.info immediately?

As you know, zodiac-game.info is a high level PC threat so that we can not expect anything good from it. What it can does is to damage your PC in every possible way. There are so many reason but the significant reasons are given below:

  • Makes modifications on your default system and browser settings without permission,

  • Installs malicious extensions, toolbars or add on on your browsers to take control over your browsers,

  • Blocks running processes of antivirus, cause system crash,

  • Connect to a remote server and transmit collected informations and receive instruction,

  • Provides remote access to your PC to the attackers.


Threat Summary

Name zodiac-game.info
Class Browser Hijacker
Risk Level High
Symptoms Displays a bunches of unwanted ads and spoofed security alerts in order to manipulate you, keeps redirecting your browsers to malicious web pages
Distribution Freeware, Compromised website, open wireless network, other infected devices
Description Designed as a platform to advertise and promote malicious software, games, web pages and other products, also displays bogus information
Affected OS Windows OS

How to avoid being infected with zodiac-game.info?

Firstly, we suggest you to keep a multi-layered security software installed on your PC and also keep it updated with the latest available update. Also keep a fair backup of your data on external device, so in case if your PC gets infected with any virus, you can formate your PC and restore the data easily. We also advise you to be cautious while browsing website, ignore spoofed security alerts and warnings, do not install software or game from non-official stores. Furthermore, always scan USB devices before using it on your system. It can help you to keep your PC safe from virus attacks.

Follow the following steps to block the infection of zodiac-game.info instantly.

  • First disconnect your PC from the network.

  • Then stop the server temporarily:

    • Windows button+R to open Run and type “services.msc”

    • Now click OK

    • then right-click on the “Server” and select Properties

    • Click “Stop”, choose Startup type to “Disabled” and click OK.

  • Scan all removable drives using your Antivirus to disinfect and vaccinate all of them.

How to remove zodiac-game.info?

You can remove zodiac-game.info either manually or automatically. It depends on your ability. If your are a tech person, you can remove it by using manual removal process but in case if you’re non-tech personal then you should use automatic removal process to remove zodiac-game.info from your all web browsers and system as well.

Method 1: Manual removal of zodiac-game.info

Uninstall zodiac-game.info from Control Panel:

For Windows XP users

  • Click start

  • In the main menu choose control panel

  • Choose add/remove programs

  • Find zodiac-game related entries

  • Click remove Button

For windows 7 users

  • Click Start and choose Control Panel

  • Choose programs and features and uninstall a program

  • In the list of installed programs find zodiac-game.info

  • Click Uninstall button

For windows 8/10 Users

  • Right click on the bottom left corner of the screen on desktop

  • In the main menu choose Control panel

  • Click Uninstall a program under programs and features

  • Locate zodiac-game or other related program

  • Click Uninstall Button

  • Wait until Uninstall process is complete

Remove zodiac-game.info from your Browsers:

From Internet Explorer

  • In the main menu choose the manage add-ons

  • Select Toolbar and Extension tab

  • Choose zodiac-game.info or other related program

  • Click Disable button

From Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome

  • In the address bar type chrome://extensions/

  • In the list of add-ons find zodiac-game and click bin icon

  • Confirm zodiac-game removal

From Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Firefox

  • In the address bar type about:add-ons

  • Click Extensions tab

  • In the list of Extensions tab

  • In the list of extension locate zodiac-game.info

  • Click Remove button near it

Method 2: Automatic removal of zodiac-game.info

If you are unable to remove zodiac-game.info manually, you can remove it from free Browser Hijacker Scanner Tool. This tool is very safe for removing zodiac-game.info from your system. This tool is very powerful, It will help you to remove all malicious programs from your infected system immediately. Click here to follow user’s guide


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