Tips To Uninstall Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware Safely From PC

Tips To Uninstall Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware Safely From PC
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Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware is another serious type of ransomware infection, that get invade silently into the system, without your awareness. This is such a new file encrypting virus that comes from CryptoLocker family, and soon becomes more effective and powerful than its previous forms. It mostly attacks on Windows PC. Normally, it scans your entire PC, and locks your important files with RSA encryption algorithm and finally demands ransom in order to get files back. Here, you will be unable to open the infected files because this deadly infection, makes them inaccessible. Hence, whenever you try to open the infected data because this deadly ransomware infection, makes them inaccessible. So, whenever you try to open them, you will fail. Once this files encryption process is completed, Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware creates an html file and drops it on the desktop in which you are informed about the circumstances and also provided an email id, in order to contact with the hackers and get the instruction on how to retrieve their corrupted files back.

Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware malware developers state that you can definitely unlock the encrypted files, but for that you will have to buy a decryption code that only its developers can provide. The developer of this ransomware infection will indirectly ask you to pay the ransom amount before they provide you the necessary tool. The ransom amount may vary from $200 to $500 that you need to pay within 48 to 96 hours. After that, this decryption key will be removed from the server and therefore, you will not able to retrieve those files again. You have certainly don’t want to lose the data, and may consider it for dealing with hackers, but you are strongly suggested to not do so. You should remember that Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware has main intention is to make some online review illegally, as they are not supposed to give any benefit or advantage to the victims. Its not guaranteed that, they will provide you the necessary decryption key once you transfer the amount.


Some researchers claim that they often start ignoring its victims for the ransom or give something fake that doesn’t work. What will you do if this happens? Here, you will lose both the files and money. So, the best solution for the problem is complete removal of Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware, from infected System as early as possible.

Main distribution of Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware:-

The distribution channels of Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware are EITest ad RIG Exploit kits. EITest users Javascript code, injected into the infected files. On the other hand, RIG exploit kit is known to be popular at launching some of the dangerous ransomware types. Therefore , other ways of getting infected with the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware includes some spam emails, browser hijackers, malicious ads and other software installers. Hence, as per malware researchers, if your files getting locked by Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware, you should avoid paying money to its crooks and then find a legal way to eliminate Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware from your system.


Uninstall Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware Using Manual Steps

Remove Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware With Safe Mode With Networking

Windows 7 / Vista / XP Users:-

  • At first, press Start → Shutdown, and then Restart your System.
  • Then you have to continuously press F8 button, and the see an “Advanced Boot Options” Window.
  • You have to select “Safe Mode With Networking” from the given list.

Windows 10 and 8 users:-

  • You have to go to Windows 8 Start Screen, and then type “Advanced” in the search result, and then select settings.
  • Then, you have to click on “Advance Start-up Options”, in the General PC Settings and then click on Restart now option.
  • Here, you have to click on “Troubleshoot Settings” and then on the “Advanced Options” button.
  • Now, click on the Startup Settings and then follow this by pressing “restart” button.
  • The PC will open with Startup Setting screen, so that it press F5 to boot your PC in Safe Mode With Networking.

Overview Of Automatic Removal Tool:-

Although the manual removal method of Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware, are effective and also proven to provide the best results, but still some of the victimized users may fail to get the results as per their desire. This can mainly happen due to lack of technical consent to access most of the administrative utilities as used in above steps. So, if you also got struck through the instructions or seeking the safest method, which need not any high end manual steps, then opting an automatic solution could be the best solution. Here, you just need to do a few instructions that are taken in practice, to install and scan the system deeply, that will fix all the issues, and remove Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware completely. This can be achieved by installing Automatic Removal Tool completely into your system.


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