Uninstall [email protected] From PC Completely

Uninstall [email protected] From PC Completely
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499979-ransomware-featureThreat’s Profile
Name – [email protected]
Category- Ransomware
Risk Level- High
Symptoms- Files are locked with adding its own extension at end of file name.

[email protected] has been identified as catastrophic ransomware virus designed by cyber crooks. It is one of the most common file encryption virus these days. Security experts erect this virus to be wrapped with third party software. Whenever users runs any freeware installer, it enters silently into the system. It encrypts all personal files and documents such as photos, PDF files, movies, music, videos and other existing files on PC. Even, with the passage of time more and more files get locked. It attaches its extension at the end of every files after encrypting. After that send warning messages to pay ransom in order to decrypt files. It also scares users by saying if you will not pay ransom soon, your system will be locked.

Scan Your PC To Remove [email protected]

Although, most of the users saved their important files and documents, they just want to restore files at any cost. Even, they agree to pay money in accordance to get back files. But the truth is that, its just a scam to get bank account details of users. After getting details, hackers perform stealing of money. So, you should never pay them. When it comes to unlock files, make efforts to remove it safely from PC. Moreover, it also flood computer’s setting and drive you crazy. Infact, this virus also not allow to perform any online activities against it. So, your primary step is towards removal of this tricky virus. In order to remove [email protected], read the instructions given below carefully. Before that lets have a glance on its destructive properties.

Harmful Traits of [email protected]

  • It hijacks web browsers installed in the system and takes over homepage
  • It creates lots of junks on hard drive to slow down system processing.
  • It makes connection with remote server to further damage system with other viruses.
  • It redirects to phishing sites designed with the motive to cheat users.
  • It spy your activities and collects personal information.

Is it suitable to pay ransom demanded by [email protected]?

Paying ransom is wrong option. Don’t forget that you are dealing with cyber criminals. When you pay ransom to them, it may going to help them in designing more advanced and powerful virus. Moreover, it neither unlocks your files nor get away from PC. Since all these are managed by automatic software system, nobody is going assist you regarding this. So, it is highly suggested to never pay money to these blackmailers to avoid other problems in the system.

How To Remove [email protected]?

Basically, there are two techniques using which you can perform deletion of it. First of all, you can choose manual process to remove it. But for using it you should have technical knowledge of PC. If you don’t then don’t try to implement it. Though, it may cause disaster to your system. Don’t worry, I have a better option for you using that you can effortlessly remove this virus permanently from PC. You can perform full scan of PC using free scanner tool.

Manual Method To Remove [email protected]

These methods are advised to use those who have technical knowledge regarding PC. Otherwise discard them.

Uninstall [email protected] From Windows 10

Step 1 – Delete [email protected] From Control Panel

  • Click on Windows logo Control Panel appearing on screen.control-pannel-step-1-2
  • Go to Control Panel and choose program option. It will show list of installed programs in your system.
  • Click on malicious programs and uninstall it from system.control-panel-step-3-2
  • Press uninstall button to delete it.
  • Once you have done, then restart PC to finish process.

Step 2 – Eliminate Bogus Security Software from Task Manager

  • Open Task manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del to end up all running process. Task-manager1
  • Then go to process tab.windows-10-task-manager-1
  • Choose executable processes and click on “End Process” button.

Step 3 – Remove [email protected] From Windows Registry

  • Click on registry and type “regedit” in command prompt. reg-entr-step_2
  • Once it open, search for corrupt entries and delete fake security software from system.

Still your system is infected with [email protected], then you should adopt prominent tool known as free scanner tool to remove it completely from PC. It is designed under the guidance of technical experts and both novice and experienced users can conveniently use it. To know more about, visit this link – User Guide To Eliminate [email protected] From PC.

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