Uninstall decryptolocker – Easy Removal Guide

Uninstall decryptolocker – Easy Removal Guide
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My system got hit by decryptolocker malware. Initially, I don’t what type of virus it is and I take backup of all my files on external drive and perform reinstallation of Windows completely. Now I have all files but in encrypted perform and I don’t have any idea how to decrypt them. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

imagesdecryptolocker is malicious ransomware which attacks on target computer. Commonly, this virus infects Windows computers and demand ransom money from users. Hackers develop this threat with the intention to encrypt user’s file without their knowledge. It locks all files including MS office files, PDF files, Images, Audio, Video and many other essential files and programs. Once files get encrypted, you are unable to access all files and folders saved in the PC. This ransomware is mainly propagates via spam mail attached with infectious codes, freeware, shareware and intrusive pop-ups with fake warnings for violating government rules and regulations. The purpose of the decryptolocker virus is to scare users and demands ransom to decrypt files. Even, it warns user if you will not pay ransom soon, your files will be locked permanently.

Scan Your PC To Remove decryptolocker

Warning note –

If you’re reading this text file, then ALL your FILES are BLOCKED with the most strongest military chiper.

All your data – documents, photos, videos, backups – everything in encrypted.

The only way to recover your files – contact us via [email protected]

Only WE have program that can completely recover your files.

Attach to e-mail:

Text file with your code (“HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt”)
One encrypted file (please dont send files bigger than 1 MB)
We will check your code from text file and send to you our CONDITIONS and your decrypted file as proof that we actual have decrypter.


The FASTEr you’ll CONTACT US – the FASTER you will RECOVER your files.

We will ignore your e-mails without attached code from your “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt”

If you haven’t received reply from us – try to contact us via public e-mail services such as Yahoo or so.

How decryptolocker virus infiltrates into the system?

Most of the users says that I have done nothing one my system, I don’t know how this malicious infection intrudes in my system. But actually you are the one who is responsible for such issues. Unknowingly, you perform some of the vulnerable tasks which causes introduction of virus into the system. Most commonly, ransomware infiltrates into the system along with Trojan horse and spam mail attachments. If your system is already infected with virus, then the invasion of noxious virus becomes very easy. Other than this, if you visit junk websites or pornographic sites, it takes system at worst situation. In addition, when you share torrent files over deceptive network, virus infects system. Thus, it is suggested to be careful while using these nasty stuffs.

Destructive Disorders of decryptolocker virus

Decryptolocker ransomware puts system at worst situation by running lots of dangerous and unstoppable tasks in the background. It makes system run very slow and sluggish. Hackers forces users to pay ransom in order to get back their encrypted files. But the truth is that it is not going to encrypt your files, even steal bank account details to further perform robbery. Moreover, it locks down entire system and disable most of the functionalities and utility programs like task manager, control panel, firewalls etc. Besides this, it drops other suspicious malware such as Trojan, adware, browser hijacker, worms etc. It also helps hackers to remotely access system by modifying overall registry entry of system. The most dreadful impact is that it hijacks web browsers like Chrome/IE/Firefox etc in order to collect personal information of users to perform cyber crime hidden from user’s eye. To stop further disaster, user are advised to unisntall decryptolocker from PC as soon as possible using an effective tool known as Automatic Scanner Tool.

Uninstallation Guide for decryptolocker

If you have technical knowledge regarding PC, you can remove decryptolocker using manual method but in case you don’t have technical background, it is suggested not to prefer as it will cause more destruction into the PC.

Remove decryptolocker From Windows 8

Step 1 – End all of the fake processes running in Task Manager.

  • For opening Task manager, press Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together.
  • Task manager opens with lots of unknown running process.
  • Move to Details button, choose the ransomware related process and press “End Task” key.

Step 2 – Eliminate fake programs from Control Panel

  • Go to Control Panel option.
  • Click on uninstall a program
  • Select ransomware related program and go to Uninstall button.

Step 3 – Delete malicious entries from Registry Editor

  • Go to Run command by pressing Win+R keys.
  • Type “regedit” and press enter to open Registry Editor.
  • Choose and remove fake ransomware entries.

In case, decryptolocker still appears on your system, then remove this threat adopting professional tool known as automatic scanner tool. It is design under the guidance of expert technicals using advance tools. To know more about it, click here – User Guide To Remove decryptolocker From PC .

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