How to Uninstall HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware From The windows PC

How to Uninstall HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware From The windows PC
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Have you encountered with some ransom note from HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware ? Do you have noticed that your important files and documents has been locked and are not accessible ? Is it have some sort of weird file extension at the end of the filename ? Is this threat claims that it has encrypted with using extremely strong private key and demands for huge amount of ransom in favor to provide you the decryption key ? If you want to get rid of all these annoying issues, then this is the right place just go for it.

Holycrypt Ransomware

Short Description About HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware

HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware is one of the type of ransomware virus but we may say with some different features. Unlike other ransomware virus HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware is an educational piece of malware that infects the computers just to teach their owners a lesson about cyber security. It can encrypt all your files including images / photos, movie, video, audio, documents (Word / Excel / Powerpoint files) and other crucial system files. It encrypts your files with a .isis extension and by using a strong encryption algorithm which can not be removed easily unless and untill you remove it manually.

HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware can manage your computer by making changes and adding rookit codes inside your PC to corrupt it deeply. In order to trick you this malware drops a “ransom” note just like the regular ransomware virus would do. The difference is only that this note does not require the victim to pay for the locked files or threaten to delete them if the ransom is not paid in time. This README.txt file rather inform you that your system is suffering from the severe threat that needs to be decrypted soon. The file you are looking for is called “DecryptPassword.txt”, and you may easily find it in My Documents folder.


The decryption tool has been tested, and it appears to be fully functional. After running it, the files on the computer are encrypted, and the virus eliminates itself from the system. HiddenTear 2.0 ransomware virus is hidden under the fake Skype application called the “skypetool.exe.” This tool can be distributed on unreputable websites, disguised as a software update, lottery winning announcement or download button. The other ways of its infiltration is by the spam mail attachments which are sent from the untrusted websites and visiting the suspicious websites leads its invasion inside the system.

Harmful Consequences Of HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware

HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware is a highly destructive program that seems like a genuine application for Windows computer. Unlike viruses or some other malware, it does not replicate itself but can assault through various Internet sources very easily even when your computer has protected by anti virus program. Spam email and bundled freeware are main source of getting this infection on your online PC. Let us know how HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware works to damage your computer.

  • HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware uses rootkit method to hide its components and create files with malicious codes in the core of the operating system.
  • Create files in MBR (Memory boot record) and start-up log file to automatically execute itself with every restart of computer.
  • Change Registry entries to acquire read, write, modify, download and execute files on your computer.
  • It also open backdoor to enter malicious programs, viruses, spyware and other Trojans.
  • It is also designed to allow hackers to access your computer system through a remote location.
  • This Trojan infection is also works like a hacking tool and steals confidential information (personal identifiable, credit card details, user name and used passwords for online account logging etc.).
  • The damaging impacts of this malicious program completely ruins the targeted computer with time and the user can encounter with severe data loss due to system crash.

How To Remove HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware From The Windows Vista

  • Open your PC in safe mode by pressing F8 continuously from the keyboard.


  • Then click on safe mode with networking option to delete all temporary files.


  • After that open the Windows Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together from the keyboard.


  • Now go through the processes and search for the HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware and other unknown processes and then click on End Task.

Remove HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware From The Control Panel

  • Click on the start button or the Windows logo and then go to Control Panel.


  • Then open Uninstall a program option.


  • Find and select the HiddenTear 2.0 Ransomware program and other unknown extensions and then click on uninstall process.


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