Uninstall Palikan Search Virus From PC : Complete Palikan Search Virus Elimination

Uninstall Palikan Search Virus From PC : Complete Palikan Search Virus Elimination
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Belonging to the group of browser hijacker family, Palikan Search Virus has been characterized as a hazardous infection for the PC whose main aim is to generate terrible traffic on browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari etc. It is a severe threat for the PC which onto the user’s device’s screen appears like a legitimate website developed with the sole intention of providing the users with efficient search results such as Google, Yahoo, Bing do but on the contrary to what it promises in reality it is not such applicable. In reality it is a vicious domain designed by cyber crooks for the purpose of infecting distinct computer systems in order to gain pay-per-link profits. This threat mostly infects the PC with Windows OS installed in it. Generally Palikan Search Virus penetrates inside the PC by means of deceptive websites, freeware softwares, commercial advertisements or sponsored links. It on achieving complete installation inside the targeted PC copy it’s files to the user’s hard disk and add it’s own entries to the Windows registry. Furthermore bombard the browser’s screen with unstoppable pop-up ads. These ads apart from prohibiting the users from enjoying uninterrupted browsing also consumes large amount of CPU space which ultimately leads to system degradation. Palikan Search Virus also helps several remote hackers to steal money from victims via recording the user’s browser’s history and cookies.

How Palikan Search Virus Invade Inside The PC :

  1. By downloading several freeware and shareware applications from several unreliable domain.
  2. Accessing spam emails and opening it’s infectious attachments is also a major reason responsible behind the invasion of this threat inside the PC.
  3. Utilizing pirated CDs and hardware also plays a major role in the invasion of this infection inside the PC.
  4. Running outdated version of antivirus programs in the computer system is also an important reason responsible behind the penetration of this infection inside the PC.
  5.  Playing online games and downloading pirated softwares also results in the insertion of Palikan Search Virus inside the PC.
  6. Tapping several sponsored advertisements flickering on the screen at the time of surfing.
  7. Sharing data among multiple computer systems connected via LAN connection.
  8. Updating OS installed in the computer system on an irregular basis.
  9. Paying visit to pornographic websites and installing fake programs on the Windows leads to the penetration of Palikan Search Virus inside the PC.

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Disastrous Impacts Of Palikan Search Virus :

  1. It lurk secretly inside the PC without seeking the user’s permission.
  2. It flood the user’s browser’s screen with endless annoying advertisements.
  3. It alters the default browser’s settings in such a way that it becomes almost impossible ot restore the initial browser settings.
  4. It redirects the user’s searches to several undesired, dubious or vicious sites which may contain more malware infections.
  5. Palikan Search Virus tracks the user’s online session and gather their personal stuff which is further then revealed to the online hackers for evil purpose.
  6. It installs numerous additional malware infections inside the PC secretly without seeking the user’s approval via weakening the pre-installed antivirus programs.
  7. It decreases the PC’s working potential as well as the Internet speed on large extent by eating up enormous amount of system space as well as the network resources.

Thus because of such disastrous consequences ofcourse it would not be wrong to claim Palikan Search Virus a severe infection for the PC that deserves an immediate termination right after it’s detection in order to avoid such undesired modification. To achieve that target it is suggested to implement the below discussed instructions as it has been declared that their implementation can eliminate almost every type of malware infections from the PC.

Manual Method To Remove Palikan Search Virus :

Step 1 : First of all disable running processes on Windows Task Manager.

  • Activate Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together.
  • Now from the processes tab, detect all the associated processes of the infection and then right click on the End Process button in order to terminate them totally.

Step 2 : Uninstall related programs of Palikan Search Virus and Palikan.com from the computer system.

  • First of all click on Start button and then tap Control Panel.
  • Now click Program and then click on Uninstall a Program.
  • Further from Program and Features, locate the associated programs of the browser hijacker from the application list and then locate the related programs. After that click Uninstall button to eliminate them.
  • At last confirm the uninstall request and then follow the wizard for completing the removal.

Step 3 : Change browser settings for staying away from the cyber attacks triggered by the virus

  • First of all enable the browser
  • Next revert the browser settings and eliminate the associated Internet temp files completely.

For Internet Explorer

Click Tools → Go to Internet Options → Click Advanced tab → Click on Reset button.

For Google Chrome

Click the wrench icon → Click Settings → Click Show Advanced Settings link → Tap Reset Browser Settings.

For Mozilla Firefox

Click Firefox → locate Help option → Go to Troubleshooting Information → Click Reset Firefox button.

  • Manually reset the browser homepage.

For Google Chrome

Go to Advance section in the Settings → Click Show Home Button → Click the displayed Change link → type a secure and new web address.

For Internet Explorer

Click General from the Internet Options → type a secure and new web address → confirm the modification

For Mozilla Firefox

Click Options from the Firefox menu → Click General tab → type a secure and new web address → confirm the changes

  • Finally at last restart the browser in order to confirm the modification.

Now though the execution of the above discussed instructions works but while implementing them it is very important to pay close attention to the uninstallation process since carelessness at this time may lead to system crash. So, if you want to eliminate Palikan Search Virus easily, safely and quickly from the PC then it is advised to make use of ‘Free Scanner Tool‘, as it has been proven that it has been made up of highly potent algorithmic skills which are capable of uninstalling almost every kind of malware infections from the PC. It include a very simple and interactive user-interface. This tool is order to prohibit the further invasion of vicious infections inside the PC, spreads a cloud wall all around it.

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