Uninstall Trojan.Torwofun from PC : Complete Trojan.Torwofun Elimination

Uninstall Trojan.Torwofun from PC : Complete Trojan.Torwofun Elimination
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Belonging to the Trojan family, Trojan.Torwofun has been reported as a treacherous infection having ability to mess up the entire user’s PC and the applications installed in it. This infection most usually infects the PC with Windows OS installed in it. This Trojan can very easily penetrates inside without seeking the user’s PC when they move over the vicious websites, free downloads, open junk email attachments and many others. Once loaded modifies the registry in order to execute itself at each Windows start. Furthermore weakens the pre-installed system security program for the purpose of invading more malware infections inside the PC. This infection apart from endangering the system’s security also poses a great risks to the user’s privacy security by recording their online session and sending it to the cyber crooks for accomplishing illegal aim. Moreover this Trojan modifies the preset system settings, browser setting, desktop background, homepage etc. It makes the PC’s speed extremely slow and sluggish via dropping numerous junk files in the system’s hard drive. Besides from all this it corrupts the user’s routine applications and disables the firewall and security programs installed in it.

Invasion Method Used By Trojan.Torwofun :

  1. Generally it penetrates at the time when users install multiple software into the computer system without going through the instructions carefully and directly accepting all the terms.
  2. By paying visit to several vicious websites and downloading freeware like video, music etc
  3. By updating any of the software applications to it’s latest upgraded version.
  4. By making use of older version of firewall and security program in the computer system.
  5. By sharing data among multiple computers connected via LAN connection.
  6. By accessing spam emails and opening it’s infectious attachments.
  7. By downloading pirated softwares and playing online games.
  8. By clicking suspicious images and links flickering over vicious web pages.
  9. By updating OS installed in the computer system on an irregular basis.

Scan Your PC To Remove Trojan.Torwofun

Harmful Aftermaths Of Trojan.Torwofun :

  1. Trojan.Torwofun throws numerous fake security alerts, pop-upand warnings onto the user’s browser’s screen.
  2. It modifies the preset browser’s settings including homepage, search provider and DNS.
  3. It causes permanent damage to the PC via overriding the vital registry entries.
  4. It in order to execute itself automatically injects it’s vicious codes into the implementable files onto the compromised PC.
  5. It slows down the PC’s speed extremely via injecting numerous harmful junk files in the system’s hard drive.
  6. It often leads to system crashes or degrades the system’s network connection.
  7. It track the user’s browsing session and collect their sensitive information which is further then revealed to the cyber crooks for illegal purpose.
  8. It surpasses the elimination of virus detector programs and exploits the computer system seriously.
  9. It consumes large amount of system’s space and weakens the security defense system.
  10. It downloads and installs various additional malware infections inside the PC by secretly opening a backdoor onto it.

Therefore because of such disastrous consequences it would undoubtedly be not wrong to say that for making an efficient and uninterrupted utilization of PC it is very important to uninstall Trojan.Torwofun quickly from the PC right after it’s detection. For accomplishing that purpose it is advised to follow the manual instructions discussed below since it has been proven that their implementation can eject every types of malicious threats from the PC.

Manual Method To Remove Trojan.Torwofun :

Step 1 : Eliminate suspicious and undesired browser add-ons, toolbars and extensions:

Google Chrome

  • Firstly launch Google Chrome
  • In the address bar, type chrome://settings/
  • Next click on the Extensions tab.
  • Now find associated Trojan.Torwofun other suspicious extension and then tap the delete icon.
  • Finally at last reset homepage and search engine.

Step 2 : Eliminate all the related files from Operating System

Windows XP

  • First of all click Start.
  • Now in the menu choose Control Panel
  • After that choose Add/Remove Programs
  • Next find Trojan.Torwofun associated files
  • Finally at last tap Remove button.

Step 3 : Next remove all the Registry Entries added by Trojan.Torwofun

Trojan.Torwofun created a folder under :

%ProgramFiles%\scsi manager\scsimgr.exe

After that it creates the following files :

%ProgramFiles%\Trojan.Torwofun\ Trojan.Torwofun.crx
%ProgramFiles%\Trojan.Torwofun\ Trojan.Torwofun.dll
%ProgramFiles%\Trojan.Torwofun\ Trojan.Torwofun.xpi
%ProgramFiles%\Trojan.Torwofun\ Trojan.Torwofun64.dll

Now Trojan.Torwofun generates the below mentioned registry entries :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Activation Technologies\AdminObject\Store\55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{814664b0-d93b-4da6-9216-722c56179397}

Implement the below discussed steps for deleting the associated Registry entries by Trojan.Torwofun

  • First of all while in the desktop view, press Window’s icon and R.
  • Now it will open The Run window and type ‘regedit’.
  • Next it will open the Registry Editor window. Here one would need to locate and delete all the registry items associated to Trojan.Torwofun.
  • After that go to File<Click Export.
  • Save the file in c:\ as regbackup. Now tap save.
  • Then go to Edit< find< Type Trojan.Torwofun
  • Further press F3 to search
  • Now once an item get found, read in order to make sure that it is a link to that program.
  • After that press delete to eliminate it.
  • Finally at last continue press F3 and delete items pertaining to the program, until all the links got done.

Step 4 : Reboot the computer

Though the above discussed instruction work out but it is also the fact it may causes system crash also. Thus in the case if is not comfortable with the manual process and want to remove Trojan.Torwofun permanently then it is advised to immediately stop it and opt for the ‘Free Scanner Tool‘ since it has been proven that it being programmed with numerous powerful algorithmic skills can eliminate almost every type of malware infections from the PC. This tool includes a very simple and interactive user-interface. It for prohibiting the further invasion of malicious threats inside the PC spreads a cloud wall all around it.

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