Uninstall VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] from PC Permanently

Uninstall VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] from PC Permanently
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VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] is one of the dangerous infection that belongs to the Trojan Horse family and is mainly designed to damage the entire system Completely. It mainly corrupts the system resources and your vita files stored in the drive of the system will be deleted permanently. It is distributed to the system when you download and install free softwares from sites like Cnet, Softonic and Download.com, the opening of Junk email attachments and visiting of adult sites. It will modifies the windows registry entries by its own codes and will hide its files in the drive where the system files are stored. Mostly it is attached with the files that you transfer from PC to any removable storage device. Your system will take a long time to open a particular program as a result of this nasty virus. Moreover, It may degrades down the performance of your PC and your system might take too much time to restart and shutdown. Automatically a lot of useless shortcuts will be created on your desktop without letting you know. This Trojan has the potential of disabling the antivirus and firewall program installed in your system to bring other infections like ransomware, keyloggers, adware, redirect virus to get complete access over your system. VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] may monitor on your browsing activity to steal the sensitive information from your system and it may result in big financial loss.

How VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] Installs Into PC?

VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] gets installed in the PC usually without users knowledge when you download free softwares from unknown websites. It is also distributed by cyber criminals via Spam email attachments and different pop-up ads displayed on the web browsers. Mostly it is distributed with the help of removable storage device, it is attached with the files that you wish to transfer from PC to Storage device. The visiting of adult sites, online gaming sites and online shopping sites may bring this nasty Trojan Virus in your system.

Consequences of VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]

1. VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] may disables the system security settings and degrades down the performance of the PC.

2. It may install other harmful infection in your PC without your knowledge.

3. It will steal your confidential data including online banking details, IP address and many other browsers related information from your PC.

4. It may delete many important files and folders stored in the drive of the PC.

5. It has potential to modify the browsers settings and windows registry entries by its own codes.

Removal of VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]

Automatic method

Automatic Method uses the latest malware fighting techniques and powerful algorithm to uninstall VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] from any target PC. Its interface is simple and straightforward that allows all users to use this tool. This tool fix all issues related to VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]and supports almost all versions of windows. Automatic method also provides complete uninstallation process for VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]infection and also provides steps for complete removal of this infection from the PC.

Remove VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] manually

Step 1– Remove VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] from control panel

1. Open Control Panel and select Program and features
2. Click on “Uninstall a program”
3. Find and uninstall VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]

Step 2– Delete all registy entries that belong to VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]

1. Press Window key + R on your keyboard.
2.Type regedit and press Enter, then registry editor will be open
3. Find and delete registry entry made by VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]

Scan Your PC To Remove VBS:Banker-EA[Trj]

User Guide

Step 1: Scanner- Soon after downloading and installing VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] removal tool, select scan computer Now option to initiate the scanning process.


Step 2: VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] and related threats found -Once the scanning process is successfully completed ,lists of threats including VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] will be selected.


Step 3: Help Desk – One can easily contact and make use of our support desk 24*7 for any assistance related to VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] infection.


Step 4: System Guard -It enables protection against VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] infection and other malware in the future.


Step 5: Network Sentry -This process gives full control over system and settings. It helps to prevent VBS:Banker-EA[Trj] from modifying your Internet and its DNS settings.


Step 6: Scan Scheduler -It set a time when a system has to go for complete scan ,it may be for day, week or month.


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