Uninstall Web Timer By Expert Help : Web Timer Removal

Uninstall Web Timer By Expert Help : Web Timer Removal
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Web Timer is a lethal and stubborn adware program that most usually infects the computer systems with Windows OS installed in them. It is actually a deceptive application which onto the user’s device screen claims to be a very beneficial application programmed to provide the users with a number of browser-enhancing functions. The main sole intention of cyber criminals behind these false claims is to trick the innocent users into believing that it is a legitimate application. However in reality it is a vicious program created to earn illegal money from innocent PC users. This adware is highly compatible with all the most utilized web browser programs such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc. It is a hazardous threat for the PC. This infection is well-known in the market for it’s tendency of stealthily installing without the user’s consent, spying on the user’s web browsing activity and generating intrusive online advertisements. It following successful penetration inside the PC bombards the browser’s screen with pop-ups, search, banners, transitional, coupon, full-page and several other similar advertisements. In order to accomplish this target it employs a ‘virtual layer’ which is basically a tool that enables placement of third party graphical content on any site. Furthermore it modifies the preset browser’s settings and frequently redirects the users to several vicious websites which on further getting clicked results in high-risk computer infections. It often steals the user’s personal information and transfer it to the cyber criminals for unethical purpose. This adware also makes the PC’s speed extremely slow.

How Web Timer Enters Inside The PC :

  1. By downloading and installing several freeware and shareware applications from several unfamiliar domain.
  2. By accessing spam emails and opening it’s malicious attachments.
  3. By clicking several suspicious links generating on the screen at the time of surfing
  4. By transferring files from one computer system to another with the help of infectious removable storage media.
  5. By installing weaker virus detector programs in the computer system.
  6. By sharing data among multiple computers connected via LAN connection.
  7. By upgrading OS installed in the PC on an irregular basis.
  8. By downloading fake programs or drivers on the Windows.
  9. By installing pirated softwares and playing online games.

Scan Your PC To Remove Web Timer

Disastrous Consequences Of Web Timer :

  1. Web Timer get sneak secretly inside the PC without seeking the user’s permission.
  2. It modifies the system’s preset browser’s settings including the default homepage, search engine, DNS settings.
  3. It reroutes the user’s searches to malicious domain containing more malware infections.
  4. It records the user’s browsing session and gather their sensitive information which is then later on transmitted to the online marketing agent for commercial purpose.
  5. It installs numerous additional malware infections inside the PC via weakening the pre-installed antimalware programs.
  6. It degrades the PC’s performance badly by consuming heavy amount of system resources.
  7. It corrupts the user’s routine applications and prohibits them from accessing several legitimate websites.

Therefore because of such notorious consequences it would not be wrong to say that for staying away from such undesired modification issues and to work in a safe environment, an urgent eradication of Web Timer is required. For that purpose it is advised to execute the given below manual instructions since it has been proven that their execution can uninstall almost every type of malicious infections from the browser.

Manual Instructions To Eliminate Web Timer :

Remove Web Timer From Google Chrome

  • First of all launch the Google Chrome and click on the “Menu” icon present on the upper right corner.


  • Now a drop down list would appear. Here click on the ‘Settings’ option.


  • After that tap on ‘Extension’ tab.


  • Next find Web Timer extension and tap on ‘Trash Can’ icon.


Reset Google Chrome

  • Start Chrome and go with ‘Menu’ icon.


  • Now click ‘Settings’ menu.


  • In the next step click on ‘Show Advance Settings’ link.


  • After that scroll down and click ‘Reset Browser Setting’ button.


  • Further click ‘Reset’ button.


  • Finally at last close and restart Google Chrome.

Next enable Chrome’s Pop-up Blocking Feature

  • First of all click on the Chrome menu icon present in the upper-right corner of the browser and then tap on Settings.


  • After that click on the Show Advanced Settings link present at the bottom.


  • Next scroll down to the Privacy Header and tap on the big Content Settings button.


  • Further scroll down a little bit more in the Window appearing until the Pop-ups section is viewed. Now make selection of ‘Do not allow any site to show pop-ups’. In a case if it do not get selected, tap Done.

Now though the implementation of the above listed instructions will work but while executing them it should be kept remembered that it is a bit cumbersome process which do not always ensures complete deletion of the harmful threats from the PC. Sometimes it happens that the file might be hidden or may reanimate themselves later. In such situation to get rid of Web Timer it is advised to make utilization of ‘Free Scanner Tool‘. This tool include a very simple and interactive user-interface. It being features with numerous powerful and enhance algorithmic skills performs a deep scanning of the PC and traces the locations of those infections whose locations are not even traced by all the most popular antivirus programs. Along with that it in order to prohibit the further invasion of vicious threats inside the PC locks it’s front gate.

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