Various Online Scams Of Christmas Malware 2017

Various Online Scams Of Christmas Malware 2017
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Christmas means presents by every one, present means shopping and for which online shopping happens. As a result, more number of online scam happens when people shops online. These scams are specifically designed to target one’s credit card number and personal information on the name of Christmas. Thus, it is very important users pay attention and look out for the scams particularly shopping on spree days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday, here, simply stands as reminder that winter holidays are near and coming. Scammers typically possessing great threat to your system via e-commerce and consumer brands. In the developing era of technology, cyber crooks are too finding new ways to invade users computer. They are always up to create new scam so as to infect user’s computer.

When most of the computer users are busy in planning and finishing off last minute Christmas shopping, malware developers and other scammers are focusing on to take advantage of distracted minds of users. Christmas eve is an inspiration for cyber criminals since the very beginning of time and it is very natural to get ourselves trapped in such bait. Phishing has been always one of the most common attacking weapon for the scammers as it is the easiest way to trap an innocent user. Few e-commerce and consumer brands at times flood the screen with fake offer and gift cards. This is treated as fraudulent behavior designed to successfully bypass all the security measures that any high profile brand employs. Because the scam is conducted during the Christmas eve, thus it has gained its name, Christmas Malware or Black Friday.

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Some Familiar Brands Often Leveraged In Such Scams

In the recent studies or researches, it is found that cyber criminals are also targeting Amazon buyers. Not only Amazon is in the listed, few well renowned brands are also listed as well.

Amazon scam has been circling around the web that is termed as Amazon Offers 50% Off Coupon scam. This kind of scam has a distribution method which is very effective and this scam employs fake comments to take user in their confidence. So never fall for such scams.

Gmail is another target of the Christmas Malware, reported by security researchers where number of emails are sent to account, that is another trick to trap user.

RayBan virus is found circulating on Facebook that aims to control facebook account.

Prevention Tips For Christmas Malware and Phishing

In order to minimize the risk of scams and phishing, all computer users, particularly online shoppers are ought to implement powerful and anti-virus program on their system. However, some tips to prevent yourself from Christmas Malware and other similar phishing are listed below :

  • Use additional Firewall protection for your PC.
  • Ensure your programs have less administrative power.
  • Use strong passwords, preferably one with the combination of numbers, letters and characters.
  • Turn off the Autoplay option as this would prevent running of any kind of executable file on the PC.
  • Disable file sharing when PC is infected to restrict the threat to yourself.
  • Switch off any activated remote services to prevent massive damage.
  • Make sure you turn off Infrared ports or Bluetooth.

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