Widia Ransomware – How To Uninstall?

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Widia Ransomware is a new cyber infection being categorized as ransomware which follows trend of locking the screen. This malware is completely different from other crypto-ransomware. Actually this virus prohibits users from accessing their files by interfering with the regular system’s boot up process. A multicolored Wildia’s lock window where system stops booting up claims to have encrypted victim’s file and if they want to get it back, victims are expected to purchase private recovery key from the hackers. Then victims are asked to pay ransom amount within miserable 24 hours. The hackers behind this virus set-ups a timer to countdown seconds until deadline of the payment chances of getting back files become more uncertain.

Technical Description Of Widia Ransomware

In fact, Widia Ransomware is not that typical file encrypting ransomware but works as a screen locker. This virus is found to have similarities to LataRebo Locker Ransomware and Levis Locker Ransomware. The pernicious malware was seen to use following files on the targeted system :

The above mentioned list of files associated with this ransomware likely to avoid the attention of AV Scanners and other virus removal tool. Moreover, it ensures that it gets executed on boot-up by setting an auto-execute command in the registry of the PC. Also, it is able to make modifications in the following registry keys :


Further, proxy settings of the system are also altered which may prevent you from using the internet. The changed proxy settings may lead you to compromised pages and enable third parties o examine your data transmission.

How Does Widia Ransomware Work?

It is observed by the researchers that though this ransomware is unable to corrupt data, it can restrict your access to targeted system and leads to believe you that your system have been compromised some virus like BTCRansomware. Mainly, Widia Ransomware places a lock screen on the desktop and kill all those processes which can be used to remove it. After locking the screen, it asks you to pay a ransom amount in order to get back files. But the unique thing about this virus is that it asks you to pay amount via credit card. Having credit card details, hackers can almost drag you to bankrupcy.

How Do They Come Into The System?

  • It can come into the system via spam emails.
  • It can enter the system through free downloads, links.
  • Widia Ransomware can enter by surfing untrusted sites like pornographic sites.

Why Is It Dangerous?

  • It does not allow you to access your system as well as files.
  • Inserts malicious code into the registry entry.
  • Widia Ransomware changes registry entries to execute itself.
  • It alters proxy’s settings by which you will not be able to access your internet.
  • Disturbance in internet connectivity.
  • Other harmful threats like adware, psyware or trojan can invade your computer.
  • Hackers having your credit card details may cause a great financial loss to victims.
  • It can also track down other important details.
  • Remote hackers can access your system secretly and inject malicious codes.

Widia Ransomware Removal

It might appear very simple to remove Widia Ransomware -just exit the lock screen, run anti-virus program and delete it. But the reality is that it is not, things may get complicated. However, the method mentioned below will hopefully help you in removing such virus.

Remove Widia Ransomware From Task Manager

  • Press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” to open task manager.
  • In a window which appears, choose Process tab.
  • Now, select all the malicious processes running.
  • Click End Process.

Remove Widia Ransomware From Control Panel

  • Press “Win + R” keys to open run dialog box.
  • Type control panel in the box.
  • Click Uninstall a Program.
  • Find out unwanted program running.
  • Click Uninstall.

Remove Widia Ransomware From Registry Entry

  • Again press “Win + R” keys and type ‘regedit’ in the box.
  • Here, locate out all the malicious entries of Widia Ransomware and delete them.

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