Remove Away from PC With Expert Help is recognized as a highly dangerous ransomware that has been created by remote hackers which aimed to generate profit by encrypting user’s personal files. Basically this ransomware invade into the target computer through spam or junk email attachments, when you visit porn or adult websites, download cost free programs like photos, music files, video editing software, download manager, PDF converter etc from third party websites, via P2P network connection and when you connect an infected storage media like USB drive or memory card to your computer. After loading into the Windows PC, this ransomware quickly encrypts or locks your file and demand ransom money to unlock them. can permanently damage or corrupt your program files. after finished the encryption process, display a message in the form of an html webpage, txt file or pop-up box containing the instructions to follow the steps to purchase the decryption key or private key to unlock the files. This ransomware has the potential to damage the computer mostly runs on Windows operating system and affect almost all versions of Windows like Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10. This ransomware corrupts the executable programs installed on your computer. Without asking the user, it changes the wallpaper of the system and alters the desktop icons. Moreover, this infection adds an extensions to all the encrypted files. This ransomware encrypts the files with a file format of .png, .docx, .img, .pdf, .mp3, .avi, .xls and more. Thus, must be removed soon from the computer completely by running free scanner in the system.

Scan Your PC To Remove

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Google Trust API Plans to Replace your Passwords With Trust Score

Google Trust API Plans to Replace your Passwords With Trust Score

Online security is a hot topic for everyone nowadays. Well, the increase in cyber attacks has really created a sense of emergency and hence the necessity of online security has risen dramatically. Well, the comprehensive LinkedIn data breach is the most clear example of how advanced technology hackers are using now. However, it awful that most of the users are still not aware of such critical hacks and and its consequences. Few days ago hackers hacked millions of LinkedIn users and put their password on sale. We, just the half way this year and, causes of massive cyber attacks has already taken the world by storm.

Trust ScoreHowever, in order to deal with such critical cyber attack and data breaches Google trust API plans may replace your password with trust score. Well, in this highly technical era, online security has become tough and hence Google is planning to introduce a new security feature to strengthen your security. However, in typical password authentication mechanism, the two-factor verification is currently second security layer which has been specially designed to make suer that even if your password is stolen or leaked only you can access in your account.

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Easy Way To Delete Ecovector Ransomware From PC

Computer-Virus-1236224Ecovector Ransomware has been identified as harmful Ransomware program which can enters to your system silently without your knowledge. It may lock all various type of windows such as Window vista, Window7, Window8, Window XP etc. It will encrypt all your personal files from your computer system and ask payment to unlock the system. When your system is infected with this Ransomware, It will block your any type of application, files, window registry etc. It will display random message to unblock the screen. This Ransomware will ask to pay money for this situation. It will lock the screen and ask for payment and does not allow you to execute any task, so you cannot reach to that proper location without unlocking screen. So be careful while downloading or installing any free software from unsafe sites, its better to download from their official sites. Once it invade to your system, it can mess up your all files which you have saved into PC and runs on the back door of your Desktop. This virus will come with any unauthorized software or application which you will download from online. Before installing any unknown software be alert with that, may be this virus can enters to your system and get infected. You must remove this 7ev3n Ransomware from your computer system to protect from virus. For more details read this full article and get solution about this dangerous virus.

Scan Your PC To Remove Ecovector Ransomware

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An Effective Way To Delete .Lock file extension virus From Windows Vista

Have you ever come across .Lock file extension virus? These day, lots of users groaned that their System suffer the issues of this item which encrypt their files and provide some hints to trace its technicians for help. In this way, user have to pay thousands of money to save these files. Therefore, it is necessary to take action immediately to remove .Lock file extension virus as soon as possible from the PC.{}.cbf file extension Virus

Threat’s Summary:

Threat’s Name

.Lock file extension virus





Short Description

It encrypts files and ask user to pay some ransom money

Distribution Method

Bundled of freeware packages, Junk mail or Spam-email attachment, Untrusted web-pages, Malicious sites etc

Removal Tool

Free Scanner Tool

.Lock file extension virus is an another type of harmful ransomware infection which is similar to crytobot, BitCryptor ransomware, Ai88 ransomware, Kriptobar ransomware, Alpha crypt, Coinvault, Cryvault, supercrypt ransomware, crytolocker, RSA-2048, Azaael, HELP_DECRYPT virus etc. It is able to encrypt user files and use them a method to get a ransom money from innocent users. This ransomware is probably the most popular and profitable infections, so cyber hackers create new variants of ransomware infection always. Cyber hackers uses very very deceptive and click-jacking techniques to decept System users and force them to click on the malicious links that disguise as safe-looking. It intrudes into the user machine secretly without user awareness by using a complicated AES encrypting algorithm to locks user personal files and folders. It may landed on your System as a malicious word documents which you carelessly open, bundled of freeware packages, Spam-emails or junk mail attachments, untrusted web-pages, malicious sites, unsafe links, untrusted web-pages, pornographic sites, infected media devices, P2P file sharing over network etc. .Lock file extension virus is especially created by cyber hackers for generating profit to third-party by using several illegal means.

Scan Your PC To Remove .Lock file extension virus

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Steps to Remove Hijack.AutoConfigURL.PrxySvrRST from PC

My PC get infected with Hijack.AutoConfigURL.PrxySvrRST while visiting a site. After that my computer starts responding weirdly. I have used some security software but it re-install itself automatically. I am really frustrated with this infection. Is there any way to uninstall Hijack.AutoConfigURL.PrxySvrRST completely?


Hijack.AutoConfigURL.PrxySvrRST is a nasty computer Trojan which has lately infected many computer. It has been noticed that it has targeted most of the Windows computer. The trojan is developed by some cyber culprits whose sole intention behind its creation was to spread scam and generate revenue from that. This is a very tricky threat which silently get installed on the system and user have no information about its invasion. Once it get access in the system then it will start operating several kinds of malicious tasks which can lead the computer towards high risk. Unfortunately many security software are also unable to stop the invasion of this trojan. It has the malicious technique which it used to disable the security program and get installed in the system. It can corrupt your important files and folders in order to hide itself from the detection. Apart from that it can also alter default computer setting and modify registry editors in order to complete its malicious task easily. The threat doesn’t need to be started as it has the capacity to get start as the system boot up.

Scan Your PC To Remove Hijack.AutoConfigURL.PrxySvrRST

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Uninstall Motion Search – Best Removal Guide

examples-of-ads-by-inmotion-search-browser-hijacker-and-search-engine-it-providesMotion Search, phishing browser add on which tricks users by saying it will enhance browsing experience and improve search results. It manipulates users in such a way that they believe in it that Motion Search is legal and legitimate and there is no problem in referring it. But you know what its just what you are seeing from your eyes. Once this program entered your computer then you came to know what actually it is. Motion Search belongs to the category of vigorous adware programs which delivers several ads and pop-ups on user’s interest basis in order to make them click on it. It may be related to exiting deals and offers on varieties of online shopping products. The brilliant mind running behind this adware program is of cyber copes whose objective is to increase online traffic on their websites and generate revenue.

Although, it appears as useful but intrusive you can’t imagine how much destruction it causes. Once get infected with Motion Search, your browsers screen gets fill up by ads and pop-ups. If you unknowingly click any of them, it will redirect them to questionable sites. In simple words, you can call it pay per click technique which hackers uses to earn profit. Have you any idea what Motion Search intrudes into the system? Security researchers has not verified any one particular method of its infiltration. But on the basis of studies, there are several number of methods responsible as mention below –

Scan Your PC To Remove Motion Search

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Uninstall Social2Search Permanently


About Social2Search :

Social2Search is known as as browser extension program which get install on the system browser like Mozilla, Chrome, Explorer, Edge and some other type of web browser. Once it successfully get install on the system browser it start functioning. Now you will find that you computer performing little bit slow due this harmful browser hijacker virus. Actually the virus of this category is designed by the cyber hacker to track you activities on system as well as on the social sites to harm you and make money. You probably thinking how this Social2Search virus can install onto my system without permission. Yes that’s absolutely right this browser hijacker virus doesn’t need any authorization to install itself on your PC browsers. Find out more on this harmful virus and a way to remove Social2Search from system.

Scan Your PC To Uninstall Social2Search

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Effective Guidelines To Remove pop-up

Are you getting pop-up ads frequently on your computer screen ? You’ve tried several ways still unable to remove this infection? Then don’t worry, go through this post calmly to get rid of pop-up ads easily.

What Is pop-up ? pop-upThe presence of irritating pop-up only means one thing .i.e your system has been infected with a dangerous adware virus. Hackers often use unreliable domains such as pop-up to generate web traffic and ultimately for profit. However, why your PC screen is constantly bombarded with various pop-up ads, banners, videos, coupons ads etc ? You are viewing web links, simply because your computer has been infected with an adware. After it landed on your machine, the parasite automatically installs a browser extension, which injects effectively all browsers with false advertisements, fake pop-ups, upgrades, fake programs, warnings of false security and other false web links and all they are equally intrusive. pop-up is also exposed to malware as clicking a damaged link will take you directly to websites full of dangerous infections. In addition to the vast amount of unreliable pop-ups, the parasite also slows down PC speed significantly, causes your browser to crash or freeze you might even experience some Internet connection problems as well. As long as the virus is present on your system it tracks all related activities including your browsing history, email addresses, search queries, IP address and passwords. To learn how you can uninstall pop-up read this post carefully.

Scan Your PC To Remove pop-up

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Guide to Uninstall Search Armor Virus from PC

Hi friends, my system is been infected with Search Armor adware infection. I tried a lot but I am unable to remove this nasty infection completely from my Windows PC. Please help me guys.

Search Armor

Search Armor is a nasty bit of malware infection which is distributed by the vicious cyber criminals and is problem as a bowser protection program. It looks like a genuine as well as useful program fro your system but its not. It claims to be a security program which claims to protect your web browser from all kinds of unwanted infections and tries to convince the users that it will enhance your browsing experience. However, once it gets inside the tarted computer it quickly starts it malicious activities. It is one most annoying and troublesome malware infection that will cause severe problem in your system. It automatically gets initiated with all the web browser running in your system including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. and starts controlling your entire online activities. It is such a nasty malware infection that it will keep bothering users online session in order to earn quick money for its affiliate authors. It is very important to remove Search Armor adware infection at the earliest from the compromised PC or else it will eventually make your computer completely good for nothing in just no time whatsoever.

Well, being an add-support extension the primary motive of Search Armor adware infection is to promote sponsored endorsements on the infected computer system. It contagiously severed several undesirable ads, pop-up messages, fake deals, discount offers, system notifications, and many more. It tries to trick the users with some kind of online scam and can cause financial crisis for you. Moreover, it also redirects the users on several unknown sites and decreases your Internet speed. Due to this nasty malware infection users are likely to experience sudden slowdown in their system functioning. Furtherance, this particular adware infection will also promote several malicious links on your browsing screen which can download various other threats in your PC if clicked. The worst thing about this malefic infection is that it continuously monitors entire online activities and collects crucial data which can be misused against the users by cyber crooks. Therefore, it would be quite sensible for the users to uninstall Search Armor adware infection at the earliest from infected computer system and avoid any further damage on your PC.

Scan Your PC To Remove Search Armor 

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How To Delete Ransomcrypt.U From PC

Oh No, My PC gets infected with Ransomcrypt.U ransomware. Don’t know how does it get into my computer but now I am facing lots and lots of issues. I am been asked to pay high ransom amount whenever try to access my own data. Additionally, PC performance is too degrading as well as unable to do online work. How can I remove Ransomcrypt.U? Help me with relevant removal solution!!!


Ransomcrypt.U is yet another recently detected highly dangerous ransomware program. The very mallicious computer threat has been widely spread over Internet. The very malicious program has sole intention to cheat money from victims. It’s a highly advanced ransomware that secretly gets inside your computer so that even Anti-virus program are unable to detect it. Soon after getting inside your PC first it will hide itself deeply and then after it will starts it malicious activities which result in ruining down of your computer performance and efficiency. Ransomcrypt.U once after activates successfully it will encrypt all data that’s into victims system. Now after whenever you try to open or say access them you will be gets an alerts message like system data has been encrypted and you need to pay money to get decryption keys. It will encrypt all your data including media files, doc files. As data are priority so many user thinks paying ransom amount is ultimate solution to get rid of Ransomcrypt.U but may it happens you get nothing even after paying money.

Scan Your PC To Remove Ransomcrypt.U

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