Hacker Loot Over $10 Million From Ukrainian Bank Through SWIFT Outlet

$10 Million from Ukrainian bank

A unknown Ukrainian bank targeted by the hacker and make a loot of $10 Million from Ukrainian bank. According to the ISACA also known as Information Systems Audit and Control Association, report a file of stealing $10 Million by using SWIFT bank system loopholes from unknown Ukraine bank. This is massive attacks have open the eyes of the cyber security center.

Society Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or called its as SWIFT is one of the massive responsible system, which is used to for managing billions and billions of dollars in transacting money each and every day to the different world present worldwide. ISACA revealed an attack done the hacker to swipe almost $10 Million from Ukrainian bank. In present most of the Ukraine and most of the Russian bank have compromised, which been suspect of the millions of loot from an unknown bank.

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How to Remove DriverAgent Plus from PC

Last night, I installed a free software in my PC and my PC got infected with DriverAgent Plus. I found, this is a kind of PUP so I tried to uninstall it from control panel but I found no files named DriverAgent Plus. I don’t know how to remove DriverAgent Plus from my PC. It is so annoying. Somebody help me? please!!

How to Remove DriverAgent Plus from PC

About DriverAgent Plus

DriverAgent Plus is officially not classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). But according to malware research team “it is an ad-supported application”. It displays unwanted ads on your browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or IE. It is an useless program until you don’t buy its full version. Its price is Rs. 2954.04 for one PC validity one year. So what do you think? Are you going to buy it? As I know, none want to waste money. Now a days Microsoft windows 10 comes with most of all drivers integrated in it. DriverAgent Plus will detect which driver is missing from your PC but when you click on update drivers, it will ask you to buy a full version from its official website. I’m not sure whether making online payments to them is 100 % safe or not.


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.windows10 file extension Virus Removal – Fix .windows10 file extension Virus Easily


What is .windows10 file extension Virus ?

.windows10 file extension Virus is one of the worst computer virus that falls under ransomware category and is well know for encrypting system files and folders. Further, you can no more access them.

How Malicious .windows10 file extension Virus Is?

Once, you are not careful, your system can acquire .windows10 file extension Virus and right after that you are in for pretty bad times. Actually, this extremely destructive program has been specially engineered by cyber criminals with the core intention to anyhow trick money from innocent users. That’s why, it right after getting installed, starts performing numerous malicious activities just one after another taking almost all available memory causing degradation in PC’s overall performances. Primarily, it encrypt small files and folders that may be unnoticeable to you. But, with time going on, you will find that more and more files get encrypted and you cannot open them, as they become inaccessible and unreadable. Even, it is well capable to lock almost format file including PNG, TXT, DOC, DOCX, HTML, JPG, MDB, ODT, PHP, ASP, ASPX, CSV, PPT, PPTX, .PSD, SLN, SQL, XLS, XLSX, XML file, etc. And the worst part is that, it after doing all such brutal act, display some warning message making you feel guilty for file encryption and will ask for some ransom in order to restore the files back. But don’t trust on them. As, it’s just fake and not deserving your trust. Paying money to them is never going to restore your files back. Instead of that, you unknowingly allow hackers to put their hand in your privacy and meanwhile your personal and sensitive data may get accessed causing some frustrating disasters. On the other side, installed application will stop responding and system may get freezes as it allows various other harmful programs to get installed into the computer making it more stubborn. Moreover, .windows10 file extension Virus shuts down the network connection arbitrarily and can prevent you from accessing some of your favourite domain.


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Uninstall Palikan Search Virus From PC : Complete Palikan Search Virus Elimination


Belonging to the group of browser hijacker family, Palikan Search Virus has been characterized as a hazardous infection for the PC whose main aim is to generate terrible traffic on browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari etc. It is a severe threat for the PC which onto the user’s device’s screen appears like a legitimate website developed with the sole intention of providing the users with efficient search results such as Google, Yahoo, Bing do but on the contrary to what it promises in reality it is not such applicable. In reality it is a vicious domain designed by cyber crooks for the purpose of infecting distinct computer systems in order to gain pay-per-link profits. This threat mostly infects the PC with Windows OS installed in it. Generally Palikan Search Virus penetrates inside the PC by means of deceptive websites, freeware softwares, commercial advertisements or sponsored links. It on achieving complete installation inside the targeted PC copy it’s files to the user’s hard disk and add it’s own entries to the Windows registry. Furthermore bombard the browser’s screen with unstoppable pop-up ads. These ads apart from prohibiting the users from enjoying uninterrupted browsing also consumes large amount of CPU space which ultimately leads to system degradation. Palikan Search Virus also helps several remote hackers to steal money from victims via recording the user’s browser’s history and cookies.

How Palikan Search Virus Invade Inside The PC :

  1. By downloading several freeware and shareware applications from several unreliable domain.
  2. Accessing spam emails and opening it’s infectious attachments is also a major reason responsible behind the invasion of this threat inside the PC.
  3. Utilizing pirated CDs and hardware also plays a major role in the invasion of this infection inside the PC.
  4. Running outdated version of antivirus programs in the computer system is also an important reason responsible behind the penetration of this infection inside the PC.
  5.  Playing online games and downloading pirated softwares also results in the insertion of Palikan Search Virus inside the PC.
  6. Tapping several sponsored advertisements flickering on the screen at the time of surfing.
  7. Sharing data among multiple computer systems connected via LAN connection.
  8. Updating OS installed in the computer system on an irregular basis.
  9. Paying visit to pornographic websites and installing fake programs on the Windows leads to the penetration of Palikan Search Virus inside the PC.

Scan Your PC To Remove

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Uninstall .EF538 extension Virus From The PC

Have you got any ransom note from .EF538 extension Virus on your desktop or observed weird file extensions of encrypted files ? Do you have any clue about what exactly this is ? Why your files and documents has been encrypted all of a sudden ? Want to resolve these issues ? But don’t have any clear idea about this ? Then this is the right place for you, just go through this post and get all your queries satisfied.

ransomware imageindex

Short Description About .EF538 extension Virus

.EF538 extension Virus is very nasty and stubborn ransomware virus which can encrypt your files and folders with its extension. It can infect all your files like .doc, .docx, .docm, .wps, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .pdd, .pdf, .eps, .ai, .indd, .cdr, .dng, .mp3, .lnk, .jpg, .png, .jfif, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .exif, .txt. Apart from files it can also encrypt your words, excels, pictures and videos. It means that that there is nothing in the system left which is not infected by .EF538 extension Virus. What’s worse, it also hinder you to to recover the encrypted files from a local backup and damage all your system restore points.

.EF538 extension Virus is very tricky that inform you about your decrypted files and asks you to pay money to buy a decryption key. Buying of decryption key is not a solution of your problem because it is just a fake message sent by the cyber-criminals to indulge innocent user in their scam. Do not rely on these fake messages because relying on it will put your PC security at risk and will also cause identity theft. The main mode of its invasion is the spam mail attachment and the infected links or installer of free download apps.


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Get Rid of .D6979 extension Virus Easily And Completely

Is your System infected with .D6979 extension Virus? Want to know the culprit who changed your entire file extensions? Are you being restricted to access your files and System or navigate to most of your favorite website or domains? If your reply to all these queries is affirmative, then just go through with this post below and know more about this threat and it’s effective removal tips.499979-ransomware-feature

Belongs to the ransomware family, .D6979 extension Virus is labeled as one of the most harmful threat. It is mainly designed by cyber criminals to encrypt user’s all files and folder which stored on their PC silently and ask them to pay some ransom money to a notorious hackers in order to decrypt your files. It is highly compatible with almost all System that runs on Windows based Operating System without considering any specific version such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Sever 2003, Server 2008 and so on. This type of threat uses asymmetric file encrypting algorithm which is known as RSA-2048 and AES-128 to encrypt files. however it is designed very smartly, it can stores private key on a secured remote server. At primary stage, it locks small files that can be unnoticeable to user but after that it starts encrypting large volume of System files. The main motive of .D6979 extension Virus is to keep cheating you and giving money to remote hackers.

Threat’s Summary :-

Threat’s Name

.D6979 extension Virus



Risk Impact



Encrypts entire files and blolcks to access


Modifies settings, injects infection, encrypt file

Removal Tool

Free Scanner Tool


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Delete Win.Trojan.Agent-1381919 From PC

How can I delete Win.Trojan.Agent-1381919 from my Windows computer? I have no idea how my PC gets attacked but now i am facing troubles in removing the threat. My whole computer activities gets hampered. Neither I am able to browse nor operate my PC in easy way. System performance is highly degrading. I tried hard, go through some manual step to remove it but all that not worked. Help me with relevant solution to delete Win.Trojan.Agent-1381919 From my Windows PC.


Win.Trojan.Agent-1381919 is recently detected highly dangerous Trojan infection which once infected your system put in into destructive situations. It will gain control over system by performing changes into the default system settings. Without your permission it infiltrates into your computer and first hides itself deeply and once after successful gets activated perform malicious task with sole intention to make your system performance low. After it invasion, you will notice several unwanted modifications in the system settings, too in the registry entries or file names. Win.Trojan.Agent-1381919 is very harmful threats that do best to make your system dull. It will target your installed security application and weakens it as well as blocks firewall so that other notorious malware easily makes its way to your PC and also opens backdoor so that cyber criminals can remotely access your PC.


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Remove Anonpop Ransomware in Just 5 Minutes !!

Anonpop Ransomware Definition

As the name signifies, Anonpop Ransomware belongs to Ransomware family of virus, that by using various untrustworthy ways, mutely diffuses into PC with some insensitive objective and is well known for encrypting files and folders preventing user’s from accessing it. Destructive capability of this extremely infectious computer virus  is just beyond your thinking level. So, to keep keep your data livelihood and PC safe, it’s important to eliminate it from computer without nay delay.

Anonpop Ransomware

How Bitchy Anonpop Ransomware Is?

No matter how you acquire Anonpop Ransomware, the result is always going to unfavorable for you. After this ransomware program makes it way to your computer, you will feel lots of changes in your PC behavior. This highly perilous program, without wasting the time, immediately starts encrypting your files. Although, at primary stage it locks small files that can be unnoticeable to you, but gradually it starts encrypting important or large system files. Even all your  files like documents, photos, music, emails, PDF files, movie, video and other types of files will be contaminated and you can no more access them. As, they become inaccessible or unreadable. Files will be renamed in some strange manner. You can’t rename them, so don’t bother yourself in doing this. The only solution to restore them is decryption keys. Surprising part is that, this malware after doing all such brutal act, offers you the solution also that is for decryption keys. But, instead of that they ask for some ransom. But don’t trust on them. As, it’s just fake and never going to help you even after paying the money also. It only keeps cheating you and giving money to them means allowing strangers to access your personal and sensitive data and resulting some devastating outcomes. On the other side, PC performances will degraded as it consumes huge RAM memory. Beside, it do have capability to disable installed application along with security programs so that it can stay away from real time detection. PC may get crashed at some point of time. So, do yourself a favor and eliminate Anonpop Ransomware from PC as quick as possible.

How Anonpop Ransomware Infiltrates Into PC

Anonpop Ransomware  commonly distribute through third party programs preferably downloaded from untrusted websites. Often the causes like opening junk mails, suspicious or pornographic websites, connecting infected USB drive , bluetooth sharing, peer to peer file sharing, etc can bring this unwanted program into your PC.


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Remove Zepto file ransomware with Experts Help

.jse file virusRansomware, one of the malicious virus which is spreading fast in comparison to the other malware. In last six months, ransomware infection have been increased 44% taking victim’s countless millions. In fact, we have seen several variety of ransomware from new releases to unique vectors. Zepto file ransomware is one the latest version of horrible ransomware to strike Internet users. Basically, it is the upgraded version of Locky ransomware which appends .zepto to the filename. It has come to your machine with the help of another nasty virus called as Trojan.

First of all, Zepto file ransomware becomes part of computer and then proceed to perform further noxious activities. In order to perform its vulnerable tasks, firstly it completes a scan of hard drive and flash drive and other necessary data. Then, it undertakes an encryption process using advance algorithm to lock all files. Once it locks your files, it generates a message to scare victim’s saying – If you want files back, you have to buy decryption key within 48 hrs else further delay may lock files permanently.


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Remove .zepto extension virus| Informations and 100% Working Removal Guide

Yesterday, I opened spam email that was suspicious, I wanted to be sure that what is in it? So I downloaded the attachments and executed it in my PC. After few hours, I checked out my documents and what I see was the most shocking moments of my life. My files were encrypted by .zepto extension virus and were inaccessible. It is displaying a warning on my PC screen that my files will be recovered only if I pay a huge amount to anonymous hackers. I’m afraid because I know, I’m in a serious trouble. How do I remove .zepto extension virus? Help me, please!!

zepto extension virus

What is .zepto extension virus?

.zepto extension virus is a ransomware which is designed to encrypt victim’s files silently and ask them to pay a huge ransom fee (money) to a malicious hacker in order to give decryption key (known as private key). It uses asymmetric file encryption algorithms known as AES-128 and RSA-2048. These types of file encryption is used by Military Force to secure their sensitive data. Which is nearly impossible to decrypt. Because it generates two keys after locking your file, first one is Public Key and second one is Private Key. Public key is used to encrypt (lock) files and Private key is used to decrypt (unlock) files. Though .zepto extension virus is very smartly designed ransomware so it stores private key on a secured remote sever. Only its developers can access it.

Yet the worst thing is, .zepto extension virus can steal your sensitive data and can send it to malicious criminal that can be used against you. But now you don’t need to worry, we have created a working removal guide of .zepto extension virus to help you. Kindly read this article to an end.


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