Corrupted Canon Cr2 File Recovery : Simple Steps To Recover Corrupted Canon Cr2 File

Know More About Cr2 Files :

Cr2 is a image file format that is used by the Canon digital camera. Some of them are EOS350D, EOS300D, Digital Rebel XT etc. However, whenever you capture the images using your Canon digital camera, these images are getting stored in the memory card in .Cr2 file format. Normally, Cr2 is a RAW format that replaced CRW format. Most of the photographers prefer the Cr2 as the format of their output pictures to get high definition digital images. However, there is high possibility that you will encounter data loss in Canon digital cameras.

RAW Images File Format :

A camera raw image file format mainly contains minimal processed data from the image sensor of either a digital camera, image scanner of the motion picture film scanner. RAW files are so named because they are not processed and therefore are not ready to be printed with a Bitmap Graphics Editor. Though RAW Image file is not directly usable as an image, but has all the information that is needed to create an image. Basically, Canon uses two different RAW Formats, the early models of Canon camera such as Canon EOS1D, EOS10D, EOSD30, EOSD60 that is written in the CFF Format use CRW Files. Some latest models of Canon as EOS -1DS, EOS 300D,PowerShot G1 X are all based on a TIFF Format that produce Cr2 instead of the CRW. For every new Canon photographers, they can suffer from the raw image lost problems due to many reasons such as accidentally deletion of photos, formatting of storage media, corruption due to card that being pulled out of while the camera is on or turning the camera off during write process.

Now you well know, what a Cr2 file is. So, what happens in the case when you run into difficulties with your Cr2 Raw Image files? What will you do when your Cr2 Images are mistakenly deleted. Is there any way to recover your Cr2 Image files? The answer is Yes. You can do so, using a powerful cr2 file repair software and reliable tool.

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