Emotet Malware Is Distributed By Fake Coronavirus Emails

Cyber criminals are known to use scary or attractive method to spread malicious program to fulfill their devil intentions. Latest security research reveal that cyber crooks are using one of the most dangerous and scary human virus known as Coronavirus. Epic center of this virus is China but it has already reached to many countries and Japan is one of them. Coronavirus is a deadly disease and WHO (World health organization) has declared health emergency considering its effect. So the cyber criminals are taking advantage of people scare in order to spread a dangerous computer malware known as Emotet. Cyber extortionist has targeted many computer specially in Japan to inject this malware using the threat of Coronavirus.

Emotet Malware : What Is It And How It Is Distributed?

Emotet Malware is a kind of banking trojan which is now spreading by cyber criminals using the threat of Coronavirus disease. Nowadays, Emotet is also used as Botnet and to drop other malicious program in system which include other banking Trojans, data stealer, email harvesters and more. However, the threat was not in the wild for sometime but with the noise of Coronavirus, cyber criminals start working on it once again. Main purpose of this malware is to steal personal information of user’s specially saved on browser such as login details. Such login details may also contain online banking details using which cyber criminals swipe money from targeted bank account.

Playing with peoples fear related to Coronavirus, cyber crook use spam email campaign to spread Emotet. They first send a legitimate looking email to targeted user which is like information of disease in their region. The spam email also contains an attachment which seems to be updates on health information regarding this deadly disease. Scare user open the email and its attachment which contain payload file of Emotet malware. As a result, the malware get installed in their system and provide silent access of it to cyber criminals to execute their malicious activities.

As mentioned above, this is not the first time when cyber criminals are using some name which is wild in news to spread threat. They have also used some positive events for distribution of malicious threat. Such positive events include some famous events that happens recently and was wild in news, like :

  • The Super Bowl (National football league)
  • Greta Thunberg climate change movement

How To Recognize And Avoid Email Scam?

Scammers always update their tricks to use spam email and execute the malicious intention. However there are some sign that may help you to recognize spam or phishing email. Usually such email seems to be legitimate as they are send by some renown company, bank or online store. Such emails generally tells you story and convince you to open the attachment which may be a document or link. So if email look suspicious then you need to avoid opening it and try to report it. In addition, you should always have a strong security software on your system to recognize any malicious program and remove it quickly to prevent the damage.

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