Iranian Government Has Developed Coronavirus App To Spy Users

Coronavirus epidemic has threatened the whole world and the situation going worst everyday. Iran is among those countries which is badly affected by this deadly disease and death troll is rising continuously. As a result, long queue start gathering in the hospital which worsen the case. To deal with it and release the burden from hospitals, Iranian government has developed AC19 app and instructed its people to install the app. The app is designed to help people to match their symptoms with the Coronavirus disease and if the symptom match, they can move to hospitals. The app was available on Google playstore but recently, Google has removed it because the app was accused of spying the user’s who have installed it in their phone.

Why Coronavirus AC19 App Is Considered Suspicious?

According to research report, more than 4 million Iranian user’s have installed the AC19 App because they were strongly instructed by Government. But research team find that the app was capable to collect some private information of user like contact number and geo location, government has decided to utilize it as a weapon to spy their users. As per the research report, the Government is targeting those people who were protesting against the government because they found guilty to shot the Ukrainian plane carrying both Iranian and foreigners. However, Android malware researcher didn’t consider as a Trojan or spyware but because of its data collecting capabilities, it has been pulled down from Google Playstore.

A French cyber security researcher has also analyzed the app to know whether it collects personal data or not and if collect then where it send the data. According to his research, the website which was offering the app was registered by Mostafa Anoosheh who is accused of keeping relation with app developer who is known to create the clone of Telegram, a popular android messaging app. According to report, Telegram has send a message to its user’s December 2018 warning them that the app could be dangerous. As a result, the app was removed from Play store and some report suggest that their creator were linked with intelligence agencies of Iran.

The researcher is known as Elliot Alderson who is also know to reveal about how 67 lakh Aadhar number have been leaked in India by a state Gas agency known as Indane. Apart from that there are several research were done by this famous researcher regarding public data safety which make AC19 App suspicious.

Coronavirus AC19 App : How Dangerous It Could Be?

Apart from geo location and contact number, the app can also be misused to collect other sensitive data of users such as credit card records and other data of the user’s mobile phone. Because the app also ask some questions with user’s in Yes or No as survey, so it can record even more personal data of user’s. However, it is not verified whether these claims are real or not, but as a prevention user’s are suggested to download any app after reading all its term, condition and privacy policies.

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