Spammer Use Fake Christmas Party For Emotet Phishing Attacks

Spammer always use latest tricks to trap users and fulfill their malicious intention. Cyber criminals behind Emotet trojan have also joined this list and they are reported to utilize the upcoming Christmas party to spread the spam. They have already targeted many computer and because many PC user’s are unknown with this scam, they easily believe it thinking that it is really a Christmas party invitation. But report suggest that the cyber criminals are utilizing festival occasion to inject Emotet trojan in targeted system to execute their malicious activities. It is really a dangerous trojan which is designed to steal personal data from system and to spread other dangerous malware like cryptominers and ransomware.

How Spammer Use Fake Christmas Party Menus?

Cyber criminals send a fake email to targeted system which also contains an attachment. The spam email is designed in such a way that it looks like legitimate email send by some organization who is organizing Christmas party and the subject name is Christmas or Christmas party. According to the email message, user’s are invited for the upcoming Christmas holiday party. As already said, the email contains legitimate looking attachment with actually contains payload code of Emotet trojan. Once user opens the attachment, the malicious threat get installed on their system without their knowledge. As a result, victims have to suffer from different issues that arise in their PC.

As mentioned above, Emotet trojan can collect your personal data which include IP address, system information, browsing history, credentials and more. Later the collected data is shared with cyber criminals via command and control server. Once the cyber crooks has your personal details, they can use it for different unsafe and illegitimate purpose. Emotet trojan also drops other malware which include following :

  • Ransomware : A malicious program which is counted among dangerous PC threat. This malware has the ability to lock all the files saved on infected computer. After that it want victim to purchase a decryption key to access the files. It also blackmails user that it will delete the files if user don’t pay the ransom money.
  • Cryptominers : It is also among dangerous virus which need simple scripts to run. It is used to mine cryptocurrency on the infected computer such as Bitcoins and Monero. To execute its process the malware make maximum use of memory, disk space, CPU and GPU. As a result, system performance degrades badly.

Prevention Against Spam And Phishing Attack

Today there are different phishing techniques used by cyber crooks, hence it is necessary to follow prevention tips to protect your system. Here are some steps which you must use to protect your computer against these kind of phishing attack :

  • Deploy SPAM filter which detects blank senders, viruses and other threat
  • Keep systems software and features updated with latest security features
  • Install a reliable antivirus software and keep updating
  • Deploy a web filter that block all the malicious websites.

If you follow the above steps then definitely it will help you to keep your computer safe against phishing attack, Emotet trojan and other malicious program.

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